Norm’s Britain and beyond… 2017 – Episode One

16th August 2017

It’s a while now since I’ve put a finger to a keyboard to chronicle a trip so I thought it might help if I got in some practice before I leave.

So, when am I going, where am I going and why?

Well, this is when I’m going:

Friday, 25th August

…and, this is where I’m going:

    1Berrico, Australia
    2Williamtown, Australia
    3Sydney, Australia
    4Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    5Manchester, United Kingdom
    6Dublin, Ireland
    7Waterford, Ireland
    8Dublin, Ireland
    9London, United Kingdom
    10Dorset, United Kingdom
    12Sark, Guernsey
    15St-Malo, France
    16Mont Saint-Michel, France
    17Dinan, France
    18St-Malo, France
    19Fougères, France
    20Sainte-Suzanne, France
    21Laval, France
    22Chartres, France
    23Paris, France
    24Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    25New South Wales, Australia
    26Gloucester, Australia
    27Berrico, Australia

    …and, why?

    Now that I’m well and truly focussed on putting some more flesh on my somewhat skeletal family tree, I need to break down the brick wall behind which my great great grandfather, James Butler, is hiding – and that just happens to be in Ireland.  So, I plan to spend a few days digging into the records held at the National Archive of Ireland in Dublin and a like period in Waterford where he is purported to have been born and lived.  As some of you may remember, I did all this before back in 2005 but, with many more records available now, I’m hoping for better results.

    Then, having had it on my bucket list for as long as I can remember is the Channel Islands, somewhere I have never been before.  Not being as confident as I perhaps once was of doing it on my own, I’ve booked on an 11-day tour with the Back-Roads Touring Co. temptingly titled, “London to Paris via the Channel Islands”.  Of which, more later.

    But the most important and first port of call, so to speak, will be to visit Roger and Denise Mottram old and dear friends of more than thirty years, who have kindly offered to put me up.

    And, am I looking forward to it?  You bet!

    And, would you believe, it’s “more later” time already – with a copy of the Channel Islands tour Itinerary:

    London to Paris via the Channel Islands

    And, although the tickets have still to arrive, this will provide all the evidence you’ll need to prove I’m ready, willing and eager.