My Recollections – Foreword


While one of my original objectives in setting up my “Wharepuke” website was to document as comprehensive a family history as I could, it soon became clear to me that I should separate any chronicles of my genealogical family from my own personal story.

In “My Family Chronicles” I have tried to put some flesh on the bare genealogical bones of some at least of the inhabitants of my family tree – and hope to continue to do so.

As a complement to that, in “My Recollections” I set out to document my own personal story. I hasten to add that it is not an autobiography in the strict sense of the term not least because it covers only what I can remember and is not much reliant on the input of others. I must stress here that what I am relating are my memories, and I understand completely that others might well have different recollections.

I should emphasise also that I have been writing “My Recollections” primarily for my own pleasure – and had little or no intention of “going public” with them. That’s not to say however that I’m averse to sharing them with those who may be interested. So if you are, and would like to dip into them as they are posted, please email me for the access password you will need to do so.
And if you do take that dip and can relate to and enjoy some of what you read, that will be for me a bonus rather than the aim.

Finally,  I must say that while enjoying the satisfying process of recollecting and recounting my story, I have come to realise what a full, wonderful and fortunate life I’ve had – and can only be grateful to all those who have helped make it so.